Lego Camp

helping students build engineering and teamwork skills through lego robotics

About Our Camp

We want to make it easy for FRC teams to run their very own Lego Camp. We offer a free guidebook and digital documents as well as a video series to help you get started. Our camp-in-a-box toolkit includes everything you need to run camp and can be rented out on a weekly basis.

Why run a summer camp?

Many of the best robotics teams run Lego camps during the summer and mentor FLL and FTC teams in the fall. It can be hard to understand why teams decide to put so much effort into these other programs instead of working on their own team. However, there are many ways that working with younger students during Lego Camp, or FLL and FTC can help an FRC team. Running a Lego camp is a great way to fundraise for your FRC team, inspire kids to pursue STEM fields and recruit more students to your FIRST programs. Not to mention, camp is a great experience for campers and counselors alike. Campers learn and grow through camp in confidence and ability while counselors become better leaders and effective guides.

One is team sustainability. If high school students enter the team after participating in FLL or FTC, they will already have lots of the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed at FRC. If you work towards creating a strong FLL and/or FTC program at your school, you are helping to ensure the success and sustainability of the FRC team.

Many Lego Camp students are kids who have never been exposed to robotics before and become enthralled by the world of engineering, building and programming after coming to camp. Others might be students who have already participated in FLL or a similar program and are attending camp because they absolutely love robots and want to continue creating. Either way, you are cultivating a love of STEM in younger students, and as a result, they are much more likely to join robotics when they enter high school.